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UDUU, standing for ‘Undivided, ununited’, is one of four regions of Garden. It’s the biggest region on the planet, covering the entirety of Eastern continent, and shares a maritime border with all other regions. Other than the continent area, UDUU people own a small southern part of Öffgast, having them as the only continental border.

UDUU isn’t a real nation, but a group of anarchists who are only connected through the religion of Suyika Ola. They hold the belief that only the strong survive and the weak deserve to die, focus is on strength and amassing power. Death is a concept above all, but they also worship Famine and War. There isn’t a nation capital, but there is a church capital called Muaoshi. Majority of people live as nomads and travel in caravans, but there are also tent villages used as temporary settlements.

Most UDUU people are specialized in one field of combat and use their various skills to build functioning troops. They value street smarts and resourcefulness. Usual lifestyle is simple, present-oriented, and people tend to live day to day, spending money on entertainment and lavish personal feasts.



1. Etymology

2. History

3. Geography

3.1 Climate

3.2. Biodiversity

3.3. Natural resources

4. Politics

4.1. Leader and the government 4.2. Law and judicial system 4.3. Military

5. Economy

5.1. Farming 5.2. Industry

5.3. Trade

5.4. Currency

6. Demographics

6.1. Races

6.2. Languages

6.3. Religion

6.4. Education

7. Culture

7.1. Arts

7.2. Customs

7.3. Cuisine

7.4. Marriage and family 8. Magic

8.1. View of magic

8.2. Predominant magic

9. Foreign relations 10. Trivia




UDUU isn’t the official name of the region since it’s not the official nation. It is derived from UP derogatory phrase that’s been incorrectly translated to mean ‘undivided, ununited’. The views on the name are mixed as some see it as a symbol of pride and others as being against their religion, too committal to the state of their society and overall offensive.

Although the region as a whole lacks the official name, every guild has one and it’s what most identifies as rather than UDUU. Famous troops sometimes get special names inside the guild.

Suyika Ola is the name of the religion and means ‘live strong’ but can also be interpreted as meaning ‘additional life’.


UDUU people had been mistreated throughout history by all the other nations due to their magic which was never welcomed to the society. They had been seen as animals and systematically abused, so they decided to take matter into their own hands and create a place where they belonged. Through violence, they claimed the whole Eastern continent, and in the process weeded out Shift and Claynite settlements and took over eastern Öffgast territory.

Over the years, various people from all nations and races joined UDUU in the search of freedom, because of being outcasts, or simply because they liked the idea of having no rules or rulers.



Majority of UDUU lives on the Eastern continent which has various types of climate. North to south, there are cold layer, warm layer and tropical layer.

Besides troops that go rouge and wild beasts, there aren’t too many hazards in these lands. Northern part sometimes struggles with snow and avalanches and middle part has some minor tornadoes developing in the mountain ring but there was never any major danger from them. Southern part is very hot and in danger of heavy sea winds, which are the worst during and after the dry season.


Northern part is full of mountains and winter-green forests. Middle part has many small lakes and forests, in the middle there is a mountain chain which causes a small dry area. In the southern part, there is a mountain chain on the east side of the ocean and across it is Eastern peninsula, which is mostly dry and has low growing vegetation. Western peninsula enjoys more moisture so plants are taller and thicker.


Most prominent natural resources are wood, oil and gas, available for personal use and export. The area is also rich in soul crystals found in the mountains.



There is no official government, but Priesthood serve as something similar to it. Priests are ranked and lead by the High Warpriest, who has the almost totalitarian rule. Still, the High Warpriest and the rest of Priesthood have very little raw power, they are ruling due to UDUU people belief in the religion.

Priesthood does not only lead the church but controls the economy and placement of most of the troops. They limit the crystal flow and arrange deals with UDUU guilds and foreign bodies. On the surface they hold all the stings, but in reality they are weak and rely heavily on pleasing the troops enough so they don’t overthrow them. Priests are the rulers of the collective, but on a day to day basis Warchiefs rule their guilds. Warchiefs hold the practical power, although they are officially answering to Priesthood.

Warchiefs are independent, but they try to keep good relations with Priesthood in order to keep good reputation with other guilds and the people. Although they have free will in this regard, only the most powerful guilds can allow themselves to openly defy the church.


UDUU people are divided into smaller troops they choose by themselves, so they live freely to some extent. Troops are grouped into guilds which are led by the Warchiefs. Each guild operates on their own and follows their own rules.

Crimes are heavily punished, either by beating up and confiscati