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Bogies are a species of omnivore insects that live in the depths of Ladvoljan caves and are endemic to Ladvolja. They have long mushy bodies covered in slime so rocks and dust stick to it over time, making them look like rock golems. Many people believe they aren’t real animals, but monsters made of stone that summon in darkness.

Despite being omnivores, their food supplies are limited because they live deeply underground. They often feed on soul, absorbing it straight out of soul crystals. To preserve energy, they are static, sticking to walls and staying in one place for a long time.

Bogies mimic cave walls and blend into background. That’s one of the reasons people are deadly afraid of them, especially miners – they can’t notice Bogies until it’s too late. When hunting, Bogies use their magic to enhance speed and sight, making it almost impossible to escape.


Table of Contents

1. Ethymology

2, History

3. Anatomy 3.1. Size 3.2. Movement 3.3. Senses 3.4. Reproduction

4. Ecology 4.1. Diet 4.2. Natural predators 5. Behaviour 5.1. Habitat 5.2. Social structure 5.3. Communication 5.4. Life expectancy

6. Interactions with humans 7. Magic

8. Touch version 9. Trivia




In Ladvoljan language, the word “bogi” could mean either “a little god” or “a cripple”. The first one reflects their mystical power and the second warns that you can end up either dead or a cripple after encountering them.


People had often used them as main villains in scary stories and legends, usually with purpose of warning or frightening children. Some cults knew about Bogies and hunted them while they were sleeping for soul rods.

Long ago, Bogies were normal insects vulnerable to cave living conditions. They developed slime to create armors out of stones. Over time, some of them were touched by The Pits, providing them with additional abilities.


3.1. SIZE

They are usually 0.6 CH in height and 40 CW in weight.


Bogies walk on all fours, slime allowing them to crawl up the walls and ceiling. In front they have two spiked grasping forelegs in which prey items are caught and held securely. They also use these forelegs to attack.

3.3. SENSE

Their senses are usually average since they don’t need them in their everyday life. When they hunt or are being threated, they enhance all their senses for better offence and defense. For example, they can see flawlessly in the dark. Their antennae are used for smell, also important for detecting prey.


Female Bogi will sometimes consume the male after or during mating. Female carries batches of eggs at the tip of abdomen till they’re completely formed, after which she deposits and secures them to the ceiling or walls of the cave. In about a month, 10 to 40 nymphs emerge from the eggs. They molt several times, each time becoming more like the adult, with mature forelegs and slime appearing after the final molt.


4.1. DIET

Bogies are omnivores. The deeper they live underground, the less food there is, so they are more prone to eat soul out of soul crystals. This also means they’re stronger since they can enhance their traits more.


Due to secluded way of living, they have no natural predators.



They are endemic to Ladvolja and live deeply in northern caves. They usually live in places rich in soul crystals, so their habitat often overlaps with soul mines, endangering miners.


Bogies have solitary social structure, only meeting for reproduction.


They mainly use three means of communication: visual, chemical, and mechanical. They even produce a hissing sound to warn one another. Adult females release pheromones to attract males, strong enough to travel far into the cave.


Bogies’ life expectancy is up to two years.


Bogies are hostile towards humans, attacking them as soon as they get near. Miners are especially afraid of them because there is no way of escaping once they cross your way. They are a big problem for the whole mining industry, which is very important for Ladvoljans, and threaten the lives of many every year.

There used to be cults centered around them, either worshipping them as gods of the cave or hunting them down for soul rods. These cults were much more familiar with Bogies and were aware of their weak spots, so they could better them in fight. They attacked when Bogies were sleeping, making them vulnerable. This valuable information was lost due to cults dying down.

Bogies’s bodies contain already refined soul rods commonly used by Modders. They are ready for use as soon as they’re collected from insects with no need for a long process of creation, so they’d be a precious source if they were more easily attainable.


They have soul enchantment magic, allowing them to enhance their attributes and abilities. Most commonly, they enhance their speed and sight, useful in defeating prey.

The deeper Bogies live, the more soul they obtain, making them more powerful. Those living the deepest can disperse their body into mist, easily traveling through caves and distracting enemies.

Since their magic makes them so well adjusted to living in a cave, they are a very difficult opponent, usually defeating people with ease and in sprint.


Bogies can be touched by The Pits which turns them to Touched Bogies. Touched Bogies are almost identical to regular Bogies in appearance and abilities, the only difference being additional gravity magic.

They can control gravity in a small area around them and shoot rocks from their bodies straight ahead like projectiles. This ability can prove deadly, especially in narrow environment.


  • inspired by mantises

  • some cults used to worship them as gods

  • legendary monster in Ladvoljan culture

Written & edited by: Worldbuilding by: Cadence Nocthonax

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